‘Spoiler Alert: The Dungeon Is The Vagina’ The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter – Episode 1 Review

Every given season of anime (without fail!), there seems to be always one anime that is the “controversial” one and 99% of the time the controversy is overblown, exaggerated or just plain false. Most recently ‘Uzaki-chan Wants To Hang Out’ claimed my personal award for stupidest “controversial anime” as the backlash against a single character just because she had big boobs not only barely qualified as a complaint let alone a controversy but the anime itself was so wholesome and cute to anyone who watched more than one episode… ANYWAY that’s so last year. Because in 2021 the big controversy is… an anime character who gets powered up by consensual contact with woman and being horny! Oh no!

For what it’s worth, the synopsis of this anime makes things sound seedy, Visual Novel seedy (which in of itself isn’t a detractor for most sane people but the internet is garbage so…) but Episode 1 is about as wholesome as things get for an “ecchi” (this isn’t an ecchi, at least not yet) we get some hugging, some passionate tongue kissing between childhood friends (yay for childhood friends getting some action, way to kick that trope in the ass!) and some cleavage perusal. That’s it, that’s as sordid as things get and yet apparently this anime is the enemy of (wo)mankind!

Were this 5 years ago I think this kind of show would have passed under the radar of the obsessively judgemental parts of the Internet and been sufficiently successful amongst logical thinking humans to rank among the likes of ‘DanMachi’ in regard to popularity. Visually its character design is not dissimilar to ‘Super HXHEROS’ (absolutely a compliment), narratively it strike an uncanny resemblance between ‘TENSURA’ and strangely enough the American live action movie ‘Bruce Almighty'(?!). But honestly this anime is just a fun and funny good time, with witty characters, solid voice-acting, sexy girls, interesting inversions on fantasy tropes and tangible stakes and a sense of danger that the ‘god-like protagonist’ stereotype has seldom had before. I can’t wait to see what happens next!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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